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Who We Are

The Utah Teacher Fellowship program provides full-time educators with an unique opportunity to receive high-quality training, support, and opportunities to interact with state and local policymakers with the goals of improving the teaching and learning conditions in Utah’s public schools and providing educators in the program with a chance to refine their teacher leadership skills.

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Our Story

In 2015, the Utah Teacher Fellows launched its first cohort, providing full-time educators with high-quality training in teacher leadership and opportunities to collaborate with local and state policymakers. Our goal was to empower our state's most esteemed and effective educators to take the lead in improving teaching and learning in Utah's public schools. Since then, over 60 fellows have participated in our program - representing 17 school districts across the state - including 9 Utah Teachers of the Year. Our Fellows have been published in local and national media outlets, presented at conferences around the country, and established a reputation for excellence with leaders in both the Utah Legislature and State Board of Education.


In 2023, we renamed our organization The Teacher Fellows, which has allowed us to maintain our state program and launch new teacher leader fellowships at the local level. We have always set our goals and objectives based on the local needs of our fellows, and now we are excited to serve even more of Utah's incredible educators, right where they teach, with our new District & Regional Teacher Fellowship Programs!

Utah Teacher Fellows

  • Model and disseminate innovative programs and best practices.

  • Accelerate student achievement and school improvement.

  • Elevate education policymaking and discussions.

  • Recruit and retain fellow teachers as champions within our profession.

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About Hope Street Group

Hope Street Group (HSG) is a national non-partisan, non-profit that has positively impacted education and workforce outcomes for the past 20 years. HSG works to connect, extend and guide a shared network of employers, educators, governments and publics that will train, educate and advance all Americans to economic opportunity. Learn more about HSG national work at

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